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Reinventing supply chains for the future

The Relog team has played a major role in pioneering the supply chain landscape through continuous innovation and world-class standards. We design and implement fit for purpose and sustainable distribution infrastructure, logistic operations, and supply chain networks.

Internationally recognised, we are experts in warehouse, distribution centre, materials handling, and order fulfillment process design and strategy.

With powerhouse customer experience and hundreds of facilities designed and built globally through our teams’ history, we believe results are what count.


There is an ever-increasing demand on businesses as customer expectations grow. Costs must be lower, range must be bigger, and orders should be fulfilled instantly in a way that is the most convenient.


Whether it is expanding existing infrastructure or breaking new ground – our experience in infrastructure design and specification ensures what is implemented will suit operational needs. We view infrastructure holistically.


Process development : Selecting and sequencing activities in order to streamline the flow of materials and goods. This is achieved through innovation, best practice design, and simulations.


Once a strategy is defined, operations are developed, and infrastructure is designed – Relog transforms what is on paper and convert it into reality.The key to successful implementation is a well thought out

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