Supply chain is now in the news and seen as a critical component of business going forward. I suppose some good has come from the crisis giving recognition to the importance the supply chain is in our lives.  This is true both locally and internationally.

With the disruptions that occurred due to COVID restrictions in different countries and the ongoing effect of shipping, chip shortages, fuel price increases, labour shortages in certain markets, we are certainly going to be facing ongoing challenges in supply.  

With the pandemic and the recent riots and looting, we have been surprised by the changes and impacts these events have had on our supply chains and ability to continuously service customers.  The supply chain planning, execution and security will all need attention going forward to mitigate risks in the future.

I’m sure we have all learned lessons and seen the shortcomings of some of our current approaches and infrastructure.  At the same time we have seen what works and what we need to change. 

Watch our webinar video to hear more on where do we go in the future in terms of Supply Chain planning.