Relog Supply Chain and infrastructure design

A sustainable supply chain includes much more than fuel efficient vehicles or the recycling of plastic and cardboard.  Customers are becoming more informed, environmentally conscious and keeping companies responsible for their role in the global supply chain.  Striving for sustainability in one’s own supply chain can be beneficial to your bottom line, employee morale and public image.  

Through a careful and thoughtful process, one can infuse sustainability into every link of the supply chain. Sustainable and green thinking needs to be driven from top down in all aspects of the supply chain and logistics. 

This webinar addresses some of the following topics:

  • Thinking green, sourcing and the approach needed in developing a sustainable and green supply chain
  • Green buildings: Better for profit, people and the planet
  • Sustainability and the renewable energy revolution
  • Surplus Food Recovery: Opportunities and Constraints
  • Efficient operations through process and design contribute to sustainable distribution operations

This is followed by a panel discussion and a Q & A session