Breakfast with Relog

Since April 2020, Relog has been part of a Covid-19 weekly forum with some of the major South African grocery retailers to discuss and plan ways to ensure food availability for consumers during the pandemic.

The forum was and has been a successful, collaborative platform which has benefited the industry, consumer, and South African economy. As grocery retailers are classified as essential services and were operational throughout the highest levels of Covid-19 lockdown (since 27th March 2020), they have had considerable experience in dealing with the distribution and supply chain challenges, as well as safety requirements brought forward by the pandemic.

The intention of this webinar was to pass on the learnings gathered during the forum sessions to assist the wider supply chain community in sustaining their stock availability – Although based in the grocery industry, the content discussed is translatable to all distribution operations in all industries.

The webinar commences with a presentation by Relog which includes a summary of the learnings from the weekly forum. Thereafter, there is a panel discussion with some of the retailers involved in the forum. Topics discussed in this session included: affected areas of operations, measures to ensure production uptime, minimising risk to staff, keeping within the Department of Health’s and Department of Labour’s requirements, PPE, contingencies and redundancies, transportation challenges, social distancing measures, local and international case trends, and more!