(#008) How to build a resilient Supply Chain and Distribution Infrastructure

Supply chain is now in the news and seen as a critical component of business going forward. I suppose some good has come from the crisis giving recognition to the importance the supply chain is in our lives.  This is true both locally and internationally. With the disruptions that occurred due to COVID restrictions in […]

(#007) – Relog’s approach to Distribution Centre Design

Relog Distribution Webinar

Whether it is expanding your existing distribution network or having to develop a new greenfields site, setting up your distribution facilities can be a daunting task. Your supply chain and distribution facilities have many aspects to consider, each of them closely interrelated. Finding that harmonious balance is an art. Our panel of engineers with multiple […]

(#006) – Understanding Automation and Mechanisation within the Supply Chain and the African Market

Breakfast with Relog

The world’s ongoing drive of digitalisation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, big data, IOT and other developing technologies, is in turn driving the development of new technologies for warehousing and distribution centres.  This ongoing development not only increases functionality and the plethora of solutions available in the market, but it also reduces the initial […]

(#005) – Industrial floors for warehousing and distribution centres

Relog Supply Chain and infrastructure design

Over the last few years, the loads on floors have increased, buildings have become higher, machines are heavier than ever before and the pressure to increase speed of operations have all impacted the static and dynamic forces on a facility’s floor.  Floor failures can have a dramatic impact on operations both in terms of costs […]

(#004) – Green and Sustainable Supply Chains

Relog Supply Chain and infrastructure design

A sustainable supply chain includes much more than fuel efficient vehicles or the recycling of plastic and cardboard.  Customers are becoming more informed, environmentally conscious and keeping companies responsible for their role in the global supply chain.  Striving for sustainability in one’s own supply chain can be beneficial to your bottom line, employee morale and […]

(#003) – E-Commerce Applications and International Trends

Relog Supply Chain and infrastructure design

E-commerce is changing the face of retail as we know it. It has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. The exponential growth has nudged all businesses to consider E-commerce platforms and have changed consumer behaviour in a big way. In this session we look at setting up your business for E-commerce and […]


Breakfast with Relog

Since April 2020, Relog has been part of a Covid-19 weekly forum with some of the major South African grocery retailers to discuss and plan ways to ensure food availability for consumers during the pandemic. The forum was and has been a successful, collaborative platform which has benefited the industry, consumer, and South African economy. […]