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20 years after the development of Shoprite’s first distribution centre in Brackenfell, Shoprite had outgrown it and was operating from 7 distinct sites in and around Cape Town. Our brief was to look at the options of a fully integrated campus for the Western Cape. But furthermore, to take the operations forward incorporating all the learnings and new thinking relating to operations and DC’s in this design (effectively starting with a clean sheet of paper).


The project compromised of the design and development of a new multi-disciplinary food retail distribution centre to service the group’s stores in the Western Cape. It is a consolidation of various regional distribution facilities onto a single campus. The project included:

  • Centralization Strategy
  • Detailed Site and Infrastructure Design
  • Full operations optimisation
  • Construction Overwatch
  • Full Project Management of RFP and fit-out of materials handling solutions


The aim was to develop a new campus to accommodate the various distribution facilities of the group to a single campus. The respective facilities were a regional Foods DC, Chilled- and Frozen Foods and the Fruit and Vegetables facility (Freshmark).

Key objectives were to allow for future growth, cost savings due to the consolidation to a single campus and achieve transport savings from the ability to co-load different temperature loads and reduce number of vehicles and overall travel distance to stores. 


The development was constructed and executed in three consecutive phases, starting from May 2016 and completion in September 2019. The 35hA campus consists of:

  • Dry Goods Centre – 75,000m²
  • Chilled (combination of various temperatures) – 25,000m²
  • Freezer – 4,200m²
  • Return Centre – 12,000m²
  • Truck Workshop – 1,300m²

The distribution facility services more than 250 stores, and distributes more than 20,000 SKU’s. The DC has the potential to handle more than 4 000 000 cases per week.

The Dry Goods centre also houses a miniload system feeding 5 picking levels on mezzanines with more than 1,000 pick faces per floor for both slow volume items and less than case picks. Goods are decanted into totes and put away into storage locations with the high speed cranes. The same cranes replenish the pick face to ensure stock is always available for pickers.

The Return Centre is developed to close the supply chain by allowing for return of equipment used in distribution (crates, rolltainers, dollies and pallets) as well as the return of packaging material (carboard and plastic) to be recycled to ensure the minimum waste to landfill. The cratewashers use zero domestic water, through a recycling and fine water filtration process, that also saves heat and detergent. This was a first in South Africa. 

The site also included value added services such as a fully automated roll-over truck wash installation which uses mostly recycled water and different wash cycles to ensure efficient use of water.